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After yesterday’s post on there being no predominately black cast drama shows I felt I should showcase what is being shopped around in Hollywood and why I think it it deserves the spotlight even though I think it falls flat.

I’m always on the hunt for new content to view and draw from. I’m a writer that one day hopes to see my words come to life on the screen- big or small. It is full on inspiration to see other writers, especially African American writers making waves being seen and heard.

I came across talk about a new Lena Waithe show, that Queen Latifah’s production company is trying to sell to the networks. It’s called “Twenties” about an African American female in her 20’s.

Twenties- Part 1

In the article written for Clutch Magazine I learned that there are 4 parts i.e. scenes taken from the pilot and edited together to give the viewers a sense of what the show is about.

Great idea. I knew of Lena Waithe from Sh*t Black Girls Say. She wrote it. I was happy and intrigued to read she was behind this.

I clicked on the videos in the article and sat back.

Twenties is NOT slated or does it want to be slated to be a WEB SERIES!!!! Lena wants this on a network. That disclaimer is in the “info box” on YouTube- with every clip.

I was a little miffed by that. An audience is an audience. To me it felt that she was saying Twenties was too good for the web…I don’t know this is my opinion.

I do know that Lena partnered with Issa Rae on The Michelle Obama Diaries.  I do know that Issa Rae is currently working with Shonda Rhimes on an upcoming sitcom, and is in development with HBO for a new comedy show…I do know that Issa Rae got her start with a web series… Awkward Black Girl

But I digress…

In the first clip Hattie (the protagonist) is uploading a vlog, and then exits her apartment to find an eviction notice. The last clip reveals that Hattie is gay and is staying with a friend because of said eviction. In between you are introduced to some of her friends at a birthday party where Hattie is “sitting court” as her friends flock around her listing what she is doing wrong in her life. There is a weird scene with her friends and a tampon. Nothing else caught my attention.

I wouldn’t run home to watch this. The writing fell flat.  I can’t tell if it is a comedy or drama…both. The acting was unnatural hence unbelievable.

Learning that Hattie is gay didn’t register with me because in real life I wouldn’t care. I wanted to know more about how this 20 year old got evicted because she “liked to eat out a lot”. So do I but I still know to check my account balances and make sure rent is paid and I knew that at her age.

I’m one potential viewer…so what I’m not able to identify with a lesbian vlogger, in her 20’s, sleeping on her friend’s sofa.

I’m sure other potential viewers can identify. Most in their Twenties 😉 no doubt.

Pushing aside my reasons on why I don’t love it… I do like that it was created (mainstream entertainment needs more gays and lesbians on TV- yes I said it.) and I want to see what it can become with the proper backing.

Already it has been dubbed as the “black Girls“. I hate that type of association. I wish newly developing shows could gain a foothold without being labeled after what came before them.

I see where it can be thought of as a “black” version of Girls. But since the protagonist is gay and openly so networks have been shying away from the show, IMHO

Hollywood is barely ready for black cast dramas…throw an openly gay character in the mix…Oh lawd…

Regardless African Americans NEED a show that isn’t Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Or a show that doesn’t place them as only the sidekick.

I know that Lena doesn’t want her show to be a web series. But she is using YouTube to gain interest and asking viewers to share the clips via their social networks hoping that enough talk of the show will make it easier to pitch to the networks.

We can work the internet but not be on it….another topic for another day…

Check out the clips and comment below and let me know what you think?

Is Twenties a show you would tune in to watch?