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My 9-5 job is pretty draining…mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Even on days when I don’t react to the office BS I find myself needing to vent…needing a outlet to release the stress giving half a shit can create.

Yeah I could stop caring. I’ve taken great pains to work on that…slowly…

Anywho…I was thinking yesterday that I don’t have a viable outlet. Everyone needs a viable, tangible outlet that will help them relieve stress. Something that I can look forward to and plan.

Some people go to the gym after a stressful day.

I told my co worker I wanted to go to a gun range…totally viable way to blow off steam.

Going on vacation (after not having been on one in hmmmm 8 years) is another way.

Escaping in the great city of my birth NYC and exploring the museums and checking out galleries is another way that I can disconnect and be transported away from whatever reminders of my 9-5 follow me after 5p.

So take a class on their favorite hobbies.

In the past I thought of my writing as my hobby. Not only have I not made time to write…the whole drained when I get home thing is a big blow to my passion…I can’t consider my would be career a hobby. There isn’t much focus in that, at least for me.

What are some of your outlets? Ways that you vent when life is mean mugging you?

PSA, I don’t hate my job…I heavily dislike my job…because it is my job NOT my career. I am aware that some of my need for a outlet comes from having a job vs. a fulfilling career…

I’m working on that…slowly…

~Until next time~