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My side chick can be a bitch sometimes.

She can be unruly, tight, hard to work with…a hot mess if she isn’t given attention.

She can also be soft, playful, rewarding…a trooper…My side chick will have my back no matter what I put her through.

That surprises me. Especially since before the middle of 2013 we hadn’t been spending much time together…for a looooooog time.

The one day I woke up, looked at myself in the mirror and said…

I miss her

Technically I am premature in talking about this…it hasn’t been a full year yet…but it will be in June…

It has been a year that I have been with my side chick.



In May my side chick is going away for a bit.  But she will still be around. She’s kinda going be replaced by my fling chick.

You know, the kind you see a few times a year. You got mad love for her…but by 1, 2, maybe 3 months you’re done and want something new.

You miss that side chick cause you know one day she will replace the former main chick.

You gonna wake up one day and BAM…she will literally be all over the place…taking up space in your bed, in your bathroom, demanding WAY more time than she did when she was a side chick.

For a hot minute you might even think about going back to NO chicks…It’s crossed my mind.

But I made a commitment to my side chick when I left my main chick.

I was going to do right by her, treat her right…and she was going to do me right.

She…MY HAIR…wasn’t going to allow me any regret on this hair growth journey that I am on.

We are on the slow and steady road with much progress.

*Below are pics of me with my


“main chick”- my shaved head. Been with her for 13 years. Saying goodbye wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

“side chick”- my hair slowly growing out. I like this one…I better because I know she is going to be around for a long time (my goal is chin length)

“fling chick”- the braids (protective styles) that I had for a month or two. She holds my attention for a while but I always miss my side chick.

This last pic is from last week



This is how my hair will remain till I get my new fling chick.

In order to maintain healthy hair not just growing hair I think of the process as a relationship.

I have to give my hair attention and patience. Listen to its needs while being mindful of my own.  Styling is time consuming and the results are worth it.

Think I’m crazy?

Embarking on your own hair care journey and let me know how you feel about “the other chick” spouting from your head.

~Until next time~