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I’ve colored, relaxed, shaved, and braided my hair…I wanted to experience a weave and get a true feel of whether or not I can handle long hair, or want to for that matter. I thought it about for a good 4 months before I took the plunge and made the appointment.
On May 10th I went to get my first weave with Fashion @ NYC Weave Studio. I did enough research that I knew what to expect in terms of caring for the hair, and washing and moisturizing. I spent months drooling over pictures on Instagram. I purchased the hair from NYC Weave Studio…
Two bundles of deep wavy hair, 16″ and 18″ and a closure with a side part.
Totally SEXY.
Totally HOT.
Yet right off the bat I wasn’t thrilled with the closure and the color of the hair on the closure. The lace cap wasn’t bleached so the hair knots were visible, making it look like there were black dots. No fault of the Fashion. The color of the was a mix of off black with reddish brown on top, right at the crown.
The closure wasn’t made custom- my fault.
Annnnnd that unnerved me.
I can be a perfectionist about the most absurd things.
I could have done things to make it look more realistic but I wasn’t comfortable doing that.
The 16″ and 18″ length
was nice but screamed fake IMHO. Of course any hair past my ear is going to feel fake to me. I wasn’t really thinking about that, lol.
I felt that shorter the hair would have more body, give it the illusion of semi real hair.
So my sister suggested I go to her stylist and have it cut and layered.
The cut it’s self I LOVED. I felt more comfortable…but fuck damn the closure piece annoyed me. Every time I looked at myself in the mirror I focused on the closure piece.
I felt that’s what people were staring at when they looked at me.
Totally paranoid…I know…but it’s my head my mind and I wasn’t getting around it.
Besides the closure piece I could not get the hair to hold a freaking curl. I didn’t like the hair when it lost it’s curl and had little body.
Now in all fairness the past 3 weeks in NYC/NJ has been filled with crappy rainy, windy weather.
I didn’t want to admit that I was unhappy. But at the amount I paid I should freaking LOVE IT. No one would understand that while I liked the hair…I wasn’t completely in love.
Comfort is a BIG deal with me and without having a therapy session within a blog post I simply wasn’t comfortable with it.
Taking the weave out was impulsive to the point that I didn’t know I was going to wash my hair, spend an hour drying my cornrows and then look in the mirror and want the damn thing out.
Good grief I did NOT expect that to happen. Yet once I got started the level of comfort I had been missing quickly returned.
Oh how I missed seeing my scalp and my curls, lol.
I don’t regret getting the weave…not at all. I wasn’t going to know whether I loved it or hated it until I did it. I *might* get another one ONE day, but I would definitely get kinky textured hair since I plan on keeping my hair natural. Other than the closure I liked the hair…but I didn’t love it. It was too silky for my taste…Growing up all I wanted was smooth, silky my hair and FINALLY I had some silky hair and I hated it.
I did love and kinda of miss the styling options.
As my hair grows I am still obsessed with finding that “perfect” protective style. I’m aiming for at chin length as my first ultimate hair growth goal.
Another year of on and off protective styles and I will get there (fingers crossed).
Right now I have my hair pulled back in a tight teeny weeny ponytail (first ponytail in 15 years) and some kanekalon wrapped around as a bun. Depending on the weather I might keep this for the week…or not…After having a shaved head for 14 years I think I am allowed to switch things up whenever I want…
*Shoutout to Fashion, at NYC Weave Studio…regardless of my final thoughts this woman did a great job (out in two hours) and I highly recommend her if you are looking to get a weave and live in the NYC/NJ area*
Wanna know what I do next?
Stay tuned to find out 😉
Until Next Time,