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I’m sitting at my desk. Work is kind of slow. I’m taking advantage of the downtime. I’m watching YouTube video, catching up on reading blogs, texting friends…As I’m reading this blog post on The Everything Girl, staring at the pretty pictures of Lauren’s apartment it hit me.

Maybe a twin.

Maybe I should get a twin…a twin bed that is.

I live in a tiny studio. I have no clue what the square footage is but I know it’s tiny. As much as I want to move it really isn’t feasible right now. But I am tired (so tired) of coming home to my bland apartment. I’ve lived there for 5 years refusing to decorate or add any type of personal touch because I told myself I wasn’t staying long.

I’ve been there long enough. I need to make an attempt.

Right now my apartment is a bed…and a Rubbermaid drawer, and some end tables…Not fancy, but functional. Being that the studio is small I always had the mindset of not wanting to stuff it with furniture. But if I get size appropriate furniture, I can make it cute…

This is where the twin bed comes in. I have a full size bed now. If I get a twin I’ll have room for a chair/loveseat. If someone came over the only place to sit is on my bed. Watching TV in bed is nice when I want to lay down. Who wants to lay down all the time?

At the moment I am single…I’m not dating. For however long I stay in my current apartment I may starting seeing someone.

Nights on a twin bed aren’t hot…or comfortable.  And I don’t care, lol. I want a new bed. I want room for a chair.

I could get a daybed. Although in my opinion they aren’t that comfortable to sleep in.

The layout of my apartment is like this


In my mind if I put all that furniture in my place I would feel cramped. I hate feeling cramped.

A simple bed, chair, maybe a movable kitchen island and that’s it.

Because…I’m not going to be staying here for long 😉

Until next time