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I think of that line “ain’t nobody got time for that” whenever I feel the tears sting my eyes because I can’t hold them back

I think about that line when I get home from work too tired to do any…so I stand by my front door staring, wondering when…when things change.

I think about that line “ain’t nobody got time for that” when people ask me how I’m doing and I respond with a meek “OK” knowing damn well I am not…but you know…

Nobody wants a whiner.

Nobody wants someone who talks as if she is ungrateful for all she has…someone who knows she can be a pin prick away from ending it all.

Ain’t nobody got time for that…so I keep quiet.

Keep my fears, and my sadness to myself.

I smile while in the sun.

I nap when it rains.

Tell myself “things will get better”.

I beg the arms of depression to not bring me down…cause…well…you know…ain’t nobody got time for that.

Until next time,