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When I started blogging I did it purely to talk, just to talk. I used to see blog readers as imaginary friends.

I couldn’t see you, but I knew someone was listening.

I think I have “reinvented” my blog 4 times…never really changing anything but the names. My content has always been about expression.

I wanted to express my opinion, express how my heart felt, express how my mind works. I wanted to do it not expecting people to follow me…yet they do (THANK YOU)

Sometimes I look at my blog and I wonder why I continue with it.

My very first blog post was in 2006 or ’07. I was unemployed at the time and I was on FIRE, lol. Post written everyday or at the least every week.

I wasn’t in the mindset to attempt to earn money from blogging…total woulda, coulda, shoulda moment.

BUT…now I am. And even though I like to think I am a blogger (in the most remote possible sense, lol) I really am not…and I haven’t a clue…how this thing works?


I throw up a bunch of words. Months at a time praying my sentiment comes through and that’s it.

I’m just starting to look into using Google Adsense. Maybe some pocket change can be made…thanks to my imaginar readers.

But I’m telling you guys now…my content will still be all over the place… One day I want to talk about hair, the next my favorite food, or least favorite, or a new makeup product, then I’ll bitch about my life…cause that’s how my mind works.

Until next time,