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I have no shame. When Fifty Shades of Grey came out I jumped on the bandwagon.

1) I’m a writer. If E.L. James can do it so can I.

2) I read to escape more than I read to learn. Yes the writing could have been better but the plot came at a perfect time in my life. I wanted/needed to be transported…sex with a hot rich guy was fine with me.

3) I wanted to know what the hype was. BDSM isn’t a world I know anything about.

The book was published in 2011. The country was still going through a recession. My job had 15% of my pay check. I finally filed Chapter 7. I lived alone, with my two cats, in a tiny studio apartment…I needed escapism so badly.

I’m not going to gush about the book. If you know nothing about it and want to try Google.

I will however gush about the movie trailer that was released today.


The moment I heard the book was being made into a movie I wondered who would play Christian.

Personally I would have like to have seen matt-bomer-is-smoldering-alongside-normal-heart-cast-for-thr the actor, Matt Bomer. But Jamie Dornan jamie-dornan-4-435 was chosen.

At first I wasn’t convinced he was going to portray the Christian I fell for (no judgement)…but after seeing the trailer I kinda want to take that back. The movie looks hot.

As a writer that has been working on a book(s) for years I am fascinated with how a series of Twilight Fan-Fiction became so successful.  Say what you want about the poor writing E.L. James is raking in the dough. The series is a trilogy…that means 2 more movies.

The book itself wasn’t particularly racy with the sex scenes in my opinion. Yet add the exposure to the world of BDSM and I got hooked.

Obviously when a book can transport you…close your eyes and imagine what seeing it live will do.

No matter what women say I think there is a small part in all that want to relinquish control at some point, for a certain amount of time.

Valentine’s Day 2015 is when the movie comes out.

I want the film to surpass expectations. Having some of those scenes on film, to watch over and over again would be nice 😉

Are you a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey? Will you see the film? Have you ever thought about giving up control to someone?

Share your thoughts 🙂

Until next time,