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*This is my 3 month update on the IUD Mirena. If you aren’t interested…well…uhm…don’t read ;-)*

You can read my initial “review” on the IUD here.

Now that this device has been in my body for 3 months I honestly understand why women love and hate it.

I’m smack in the middle. My first two months were horrible. The cramps alone made me want to rip out my uterus. And that is saying a lot since one of my reasons for going on birth control was to help alleviate my painful periods.

I didn’t shit about painful cramps till Mirena…


Not only did I have 5 minute intervals of gut twisting pain I also had lower back pain and pain at the back of my knees for the first 6 days. I always have pain in the back of my knees when I get my periods.

Now being in the 3rd month I had cramps but only for the first few days. Score 1.

I had a few headaches but I can’t say for sure it was my period or even the Mirena that caused them. I suffer from migraines.

I haven’t had any issues with acne popping up.  Score 2.

I haven’t gained weight, but if I had I also couldn’t blame it on Mirena because I am on insulin.

Now my mood swings have been all over the place but I am an emotional person. My moods always went up and down with my period…the days leading up to my period. The days after my period…Frankly I am one big emotional wave…it’s life.

#realtalk sex is EXTREMELY painful if my partner is on top. I don’t know if this is because of the device or how my body is shaped. The pain feels as if the device is being burrowed in my body. I felt mild pain in other positions…so lots of switching ladies…flexibility is key, lol.

My blood flow is lighter than what it was before the IUD. Score 3.

YAY…light pants ARE an option all month long.

Buuuuuuuuuuut I have my blood flow for 12 days…12 days.

12 days is the one thing that makes me hate …dislike (hate is a strong word). 12 days is the one thing I really dislike about Mirena. The longest my periods have lasted have been 6 days. Then I have the normal two to three weeks of not stuffing my face with chocolate and salt, or crying at every sappy thing I come across. Then back wanting to have a heating pad at work (this shouldn’t be a thought. I should have one for home and office…) and doing spot checks while only wearing black.

I decided that even though my blood flow is light I have need had success with pantyliners. I need wings and I haven’t found a pantyliner with wings and I don’t want to wear a thin pad…sooo I use regular tampons and they work WONDERFULLY.

#realtalk sometimes I do forget that I have one in but that’s because the flow is so light I’m not leaking.


I was never one of those women that forgot to take my BC pills. I wanted the IUD because I’m older, a smoker (I know, I know) and a diabetic the hormone levels are lower with IUD vs birth control pills.

Occasionally when I had pain that felt different than the gut twist I double checked to make sure I could feel the the device string (as per my doctor). The device can become embedded and that type of shit freaks me out…

I’m still not 100% sold on Mirena (unlike my sister) the cramps and 12 days have me holding off on giving a two thumbs up.

At least I’m not running to my doctor demanding that he remove it.

My body is still adjusting. I want to say that things will stay the same or improve because my body is much like my mouth…if it doesn’t like something it will tell you without confusion 😉

What have your experiences been like on Mirena? Know anyone who hated it?

Until next time,