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As a little girl my mom rarely put me in skirts. I had very skinny legs. She said she didn’t like the way they looked in skirts and dresses.

She said she didn’t want people to question “why she was putting a boy in dresses?” – there is so much wrong with that statement, lol.

Needless to say I wore a lot of pants…probably to the point that people thought I was a boy…As I grew skirts  and dresses became the item in the closet that was pulled out on special occasions…weddings, funerals, my one and only birthday party…

Until I went to a Catholic High School for one year. After that I was less inclined to show off my legs. Nothing to do with how my legs looked. It was about a comfort level. I wasn’t comfortable showing off my legs and thighs.

I surprised myself when for Senior Prom I wanted a mini lace dress. At 17 I think my legs improved considerably but I still wasn’t comfortable showing them off…yet it was a special night.

Mom wasn’t crazy about it and I got a long tank dress with a sexy side silt.

Now that I think of it prom was the first time I wore a long, maxi type dress…and silt or not I felt so sexy….okay looking back it might have something to do with the silt, lol. It also had to do with how a long column shape of material elongated my short torso thus making me look taller and ma legs longer.

During that summer I bought my first official “maxi dress”. It had an Empire waist, a solid white tank and the maxi part was a pattern of something based in yellow. I’m positive that it was no more than $10. It reached the top of my ankles.

I was so in love with myself when I wore that dress.

I felt so pretty and sexy. The way it slightly hugged my curves, and flowed with each step.

From that day I have had a love of maxi dresses. Most women like short dresses during the summer. And I have had my fair share of those too, but not as many. A empire waist line is an added bonus. I have an hourglass shape. More often than not I have had extra pounds in my tummy area. Empire waist dresses are perfect for concealing the slight bulge.

I try and stock up on maxi dresses around springtime. For me they are the perfect change of the season piece of clothing because I can wear them with a cardigan, or jean jacket, flats, flip flops, knee high boots (during fall and early spring). Jazz it up with jewelry and I can take the outfit from the day into the night.

Below are some examples of styles I love and feel pretty and sexy in.

ON-ChiffonMaxi ON-MaxiTubeON-MaxiTank


Sexy factor aside maxi dresses have to be the most comfortable piece of clothing I own.  If the cut is done right the dress will be form fitting but not clingy. Perfect for those water days…ladies, you know what I’m talking about.

We have maybe 3 more months of decent weather where maxis will be appropriate, lol.

Are you a lover of maxi dresses? Do you prefer the straight column type or are you a bit more daring with the side slit styles that have been around this season?

Until next time,