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When I was home recuperating from my Carpal Tunnel surgery (post coming in a week or two) I decided to finish watching a guilty pleasure of mine:



Nothing makes me feel better than watching some unrealistic but kind of plausible TV when I’m feeling like crap.

I get all warm and cozy inside seeing the impossible be possible.

From the day Gossip Girl first aired I was hooked and that is due to the fact that I had heard about the Cecily Von Zieger books the show is based on before hand. I was already a few steps ahead…I was reading book 2.

2007 to 2012 Gossip Girl reigned SUPREME every week. If my memory serves me correct Gossip Girl came on Monday nights on The CW at eight.

Great way to start the week.

A glimpse into the lives of young, sexy, stylish Socialites of Manhattan’s upper elite.

High School students with insane amounts of wealth and no real parental supervision.

Closets the envy of the designers that fill them.

Ask anyone and they probably had a favorite character.  Mine was Serena van der Woodsen Serena-serena-van-der-woodsen-style-5452079-1280-1024

Blake Lively (the actress that played Serena)  is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful to me.

Girl Crush…anyone???

Throughout the years Serena had some amazing outfits (everyone in the show did-hence it becoming a iconic fashion show…literally) but the one pictured above was my favorite. She wore it a few times.  Rarely would you see a GG character in a repeat piece of clothing unless it was a signature look…like Chuck and his scarf



Anyway, I love that outfit on Serena because it was a mix of school girl with a touch of male.

It reminded when I was in high school I went through a faze wearing my Dad’s button down shirts and cologne.

It was the late 90’s…the style worked…trust me.

Back to Serena, I liked this outfit because it is one of the few that made her look like a high school kid yet sexy and playful and tried to act as if she was mature beyond her years…but wasn’t.

Serena  was misunderstood, constantly searching for  love and acceptance, and she lacked focus.

She sounds like someone I know very well 😉

Between Blair and Serena I always related better to Serena and the high jinks she was going through because they were things I would have done…like running away to boarding school after I sleep with my best friend’s boyfriend…wouldn’t we all do that?

The first few seasons (ok up until they went to college) I wasn’t a fan of Blair. Her Queen B personality irked me.

Don’t get me wrong, Serena’s “woe is me” mentality irked me at times too…but with outfits like these

The Hurt Locket serena6 serenacasualserena10serenablackgownserenagown

it is easy to understand how I could overlook that.

The last season was kind of “meh” for me. It could have ended two seasons prior but I know fans needed to know who “Gossip Girl” was.

I won’t spoil your fun. If you haven’t watched and want to know…Google it! I will say that by the last season it was pretty obvious who Gossip Girl really was.

Thankfully the writers gave the viewers a nice pretty package ending complete with a bow.

I was happy that the last episode had two characters that I sorely missed.


In the first 4 seasons they had their own separate story lines and then they were shipped off never to be seen or barely talked about again.

Jenny went to London to go to school. Eric was attending college outside of Manhattan…in Bronxville…a 45 minute train ride…REALLY? Not even a weekend visit?

My sister lives one train stop after Bronxville…I visit on the weekends and I live in Jersey.

Once the credits rolled I l was left feeling sad. You can get that way when you watched a character grow up and change…whether on the screen or in a book…and yes I might indulge in my inner tween and start reading the books again.

I won’t say that Serena evolved…I really don’t think she did. The two that did the most transforming were Chuck and Blair. But I think in the end Serena found someone who loved her, and understood her…she really didn’t need focus…that’s what the trust fund is for 😉

Until next time,