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There are many times that I will wear my emotions on my sleeve while my face is reserved more for a “I don’t give a f**k”. I was reminded of this when someone I work with give me an answer to a important work question cloaked in “I don’t give a f*k.”

We all have our days when shit hits the fan, or life gets too busy that rather than giving energy to everything we HAVE let some things fall by the waste side…it happens. In my mind that means eh…call that friend back a little later than you normally would, or cancel weekend plans with the hot new guy to spend time with the family visiting from out of town.

I really don’t expect it to happen at work from people who are in positions of authority.

I have no clue what is up with this person but I know that it has steadily been building for the last few months.

This “I don’t give a f**k” attitude.

I’m not saying they have to come into work each day with smiles and donuts for all.

I simply need the transparency to be dialed down a few notches.

There are days I hate my job, but I still give it my all. If I can’t give my all I put on a pretty good show of giving my all while doing things half assed. I still do my job. I’m still respectful of my co workers whom have nothing to do with any of the BS that I might be going through. Within the hours of 9-5…I give a damn.

Call me a stupid but I was under the impression that caring just enough to do my job efficiently  was a requirement of sorts.

I’m not pissed that this person has the type of attitude. People get burnt out. I’m pissed that this person, knowing the position that they are in, thinks it’s ok to act like this. At least I will own up to it. Make some excuse why I’m cranky and hope that people leave me alone.

If roles were reversed I wouldn’t have a job.

But our positions are very different…they can afford to be transparent and not have any of their shit fall on them…I on the other hand should think about coming into work with smiles and donuts for all.

Until next time,