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I couldn’t think of a better title, lol. This isn’t really a hair update. I haven’t done anything new to my hair. I have been thinking about what to do with my hair (but that isn’t new)

One of the drawbacks for me with growing my hair out is that I have become hair OBSESSED.

Obsessed with the products I use, how fast is it growing, what protective style to do next, what hair type do I really have (3C-4A for today, lol)

As versatile as I know my hair is there are certain styles I haven’t wanted to try (twist/braid out, bantu knots) because of my level of patience. Wash ‘n’ Go’s are easy and I think they work well with the length of my hair. It is growing out of the TWA stage. Fingers crossed that by the new year all will be ONE length and that length will be to my chin.

Because I don’t blow out my hair I have no clue what the length really is…hmmmm (weekend project? LOL)

I have been itching to color my hair. But then I see the curls and how dark and full of shine they are and think against it.

Here is a picture of me in July…


This is me today


If it looks like my hair has grown…it has…I believe I am seeing less shrinkage rather than more growth due to my choice of products. Gel vs. Creams/Milk.

I should do a likes/dislikes hair products post.

There is a part of me that wants to do away with braids as my protective style and get a wig. Nothing crazy, just something short…sassy…classy. Wigs are cheaper than getting a weave. Once I’m tired and miss my hair all I have to do is pop her off.

What do you think? Should my next protective style be a wig? Let me know in the comment section šŸ™‚

Until next time,