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Happy Friday 🙂

I’m writing this post from the comforts of my iPad Mini and bed.

I had a brutal week at work. It was so busy…I’ve been given more work duties.

Great for my resume but a lot more demanding than I thought.

I’m very OCD at work. I want things perfect. I don’t allow room for the learning curve.

I learn.
I move forward.
And then I repeat as each new duty is given…which is seeming to happen every few days.

I made a few mistakes…but in my defense they were sloppy working too fast mistakes.

With the week over I’m chilling with a


while catching up on shows I miss during the week…even with a day off ( Rosh Hashanah ) I need to use my weekend to “recharge”.
I plan to do some writing (creative), reading blogs I follow. At some point I WILL watch the movie Belle . Oh and laundry somewhere in there too.

Those are my definite MUST do plans if I have to have some.

How was your week? What are your weekend plans?

Have a great weekend 🙂

Until next time,