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Sometimes during my 9-5 I have down time or I will be working on something that doesn’t take too much thought I like to listen to podcasts.
Podcast are talk shows/music shows on the go because they can be downloaded and listened to while offline.

There are several podcast to choose from just depends on your preference. There are few different platforms other than iTunes to use to listen to them. I like to use the app Downcast.

Below is a list of podcast that I LOVE…I’ve even taken to listening to them while in the shower…

Off The Pad– I might be bias in my love of this podcast because I am friends with one of the creators…but who cares. This podcast is HILARIOUS. Corey Marshall (my friend) and Jaye Troler are two comedians giving dialogue on present day topic with no do-overs…no scripts…what you hear is off the pad.

Movie Preview Review– Again I am so l proud and lucky to know one of the people behind another hilarious podcast. Kevin Bartini, Jellybean Jay Schmidt, Adam Lash, and Jessica Bailey (my friend) give reviews on movie previews.

Stuff Mom Never Told You– Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin host a podcast all about things that mom never told you about being a woman and womanhood in general. This podcast serves as a history lesson for me. The ladies talk about each topic from origin to present day making me laugh along the way.

Cinema In Noir– Candice Frederick, Kimberly Renee, and ReBecca Theodore-Vachon; are four women that talk about movies/tv from the view of women of color.

Joy The Baker– Joy the Baker and Tracy Benjamin host this podcast that is like a all female version of Seinfeld. They discuss “unimportant important stuff”. These ladies give a a candid glimpse into their lives and they are making me laugh while doing it.

Sawbones– Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin host Sawbones. A very funny  look at the misguided history of medicine…VERY VERY FUNNY.

Savage Love– Dan Savage is an author, public speaker and sex-advice columnist. Callers call in, record a question and Dan answers. Pretty straight forward. I like this podcast for Dan’s open mindedness and honesty towards each caller and subject matter. *if you have issues with the LGBT community this isn’t the podcast for you.”

Black Girls Talking–  Alesia, Fatima, Aurelia and Ramou discuss being a woman of color in present modern day.

Each podcast listed tends to upload weekly and roughly is 60 minutes of opinions, laughs and fun.

*Are you a fan of podcast? Comment below on why or why not?*

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