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“Sometimes life gets in the way of having a life”- me

I have fallen off my blogging horse. But it’s ok because blogging isn’t my job. It’s a hobby that I really enjoy doing.

My 9-5 J-O-B has been keeping me really busy and I have been trying to have more of a social life.

And….drumroll…I got a new CAT šŸ™‚


Everyone meet Henry…a 7 month old short haired tabby.

When I put down my last cat Angel I was so sure I wasn’t going to get another cat for a long time…certainly not 9 months after I lost one. But I had mice in my apartment and I was lonely.

I killed two birds with one cute, cuddle, purring stone.

Henry is a mirror image of my first cat Serena


Henry is on the left- Serena the right

While he may look like my Serena his personality is very much like my Angel

meNlife 097

My friend said that Serena and Angel sent Henry to me. Sounds weird but I have to agree.

Henry (who’s name was Joey) felt right at home the first night. He has been a cuddle bug since then. That hardly happen when you bring home a cat that was a little feral while being fostered

I love him to pieces.

Having a kitten may sound like nothing but this little boy gets INTO everything and if he isn’t getting into everything I am grooming him to be my cuddle buddy, lol.

Until next time,