Two Saturdays ago I saw the movie Gone Girl…From the moment I heard the book by Gillian Flynn was being adapted into a movie I was soooooo excited.

Gone Girl is one of my favorite books.

The book centers around the disappearance of on Amy Dunn.

Ya know that sometimes books turned into movies can suck. Thankfully Gillian Flynn wrote the screenplay so I was confident that the movie would be just as amazing as the book.


I can’t give a proper review because I would just be giving out spoilers upon spoilers…I will say if you read the book see the movie. If you want to read the book…read the book first and then see the movie. You don’t have to do it that way…it just makes for more enjoyment in my opinion.

What I can say is that after reading the book and seeing the movie I love Gillian Flynn and Amy Dunn.

As I read the book I wondered if Amy’s actions were caused by “nature” or “nurture”. I voted “nature”. Much of what happened could easily be explained as a product of circumstance. But when I saw the movie that changed. I saw the actions as a result of “nurture” her upbringing and personality much more than what had gone on in her marriage. I understood the book and Amy far better than by just reading.

I love to play devil’s advocate and I know several people aren’t going to agree with me but when I felt that Amy’s actions were mainly because of how she had been treated I was all “YOU GO GIRL.”

Then watching those same actions played out I was more “Ah damn…girl…YOU’RE SICK…Love it.”

Again, I’m trying to get my point across without spoilers……………………………………………………BUT I CAN’T REALLY DO THAT SO DON’T READ PASS THIS POINT IF YOU DON’T LIKE SPOILERS…………………………..



Amy is evil…not crazy…heartbroken evil…she is cold blooded, without a conscience sociopath EVIL.

Ok so you are asking why would I love a character like that? Because I am of the firm belief that EVERYONE has a little bit of evil in them whether or are pushed into it or born with it. To encounter evil…pure evil in a female…we don’t see that often.

The podcast from Stuff Mom Never Told You does an excellent job explaining discussing this topic…the topic of a female sociopath.

I hate double standards and often times if a woman is evil she is toted as crazy evil because of some wrong that was done to her by a man…Yes that can be argued as a reason too…but what was done to Amy Dunn (cute pun, right) was the cherry on top. It gave HER a reason to do what she had done.

There is a point where you kind of want to feel sorry for her (I did) I found myself wanting to know more about her teen years. Was Amy Dunn born or raised to be as she was.

The debate over whether or not sociopaths are born or raised…nature vs. nurture I think with never be fully answered unless we agree to say it is a bit of both.

Because had she not learned what she did…would Amy have done what she had…

Have you read Gone Girl? Have you seen the movie? What are your thoughts?

Until next time,