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Happy Saturday 🙂

Whether I have errands to run or not I wake up early on the weekends. Part of that is because I am a morning person that enjoys early hours, I have a cat who doesn’t like an empty food dish, waking up before 9a on any day is routine for me.

Some Saturdays I will go visit my dad and sister in Westchester and have brunch. That routine involves lots of travel and patience 😉

This Saturday I am chilling at home. Most Saturdays during the winter I chill at home.

I started my day at 5am…that’s when my alarm went off. I made sure I was up early because I had a Peapod Food Delivery coming. I don’t care what people say…for me, living in NJ with no car AND it’s winter food delivery services are a godsend.  No more lugging home bags of cat litter, cans of soups, and laundry detergent. I use to Fresh Direct also. Which service depends on what I need/want. I always opt for the earliest delivery time.

After I put the food away it was laundry time. Perk of my apartment building is having washing machines not only in the building but on each floor.


That being said as I type this it is 9:46am and I am done with laundry.

The picture above captures what the rest of my day will be like. I have to do some work on formatting a manuscript that is finished. I want to outline some blog post ideas for the week…and I want to cuddle and spend time with Henry. Lifetime or Netflix will be playing in the background. A nap will work it’s way into the day.

I have my B&BW’s Marshmallow Fireside candle burning.

The candle creates a cozy warm vibe.

Lunch might be takeout (I’m craving pizza) or Tomato & Roasted Pepper soup. Dinner will be pork chops (thanks to food delivery and whatever Pinterest recipe I find), steamed veggies and brown rice.

This is my Saturday routine- Get what I need done early and relax the rest of the day…it can also be my Sunday routine depending on my mood. This is the first time in WEEKS that I have focused on my writing other than the blog. Usually I’m being uber lazy and watching TV or reading, lol.

*Do you have a weekend routine? Comment below*

Have a great day!!!!

Until next time,