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I’ve been M.I.A…I’m always M.I.A when it comes to blogging. Unlike other bloggers I don’t think of my blog as my main job. It isn’t a source of income for me. So many times I forget I have one.

I blog for a creative outlet. At the start of the year I swore to myself that I would make time to blog. I would make time to write. As I have gotten more immersed in work I find myself not writing much.

I still read. I still think of story ideas. I’m still working for final edits of my manuscript.

But that’s it…I know I don’t have to apologize for working hard. Yet a part of me feels guilty because I’m not working hard on one that I am passionate about.

The one thing I used to use to identify myself as…a writer.

It’s winter here on the East Coast. Perfect time to really hunker down and perfect a writing schedule.

Once I get home I don’t know if it is the toll of the day or my non interest but I don’t write.

I catch up on TV shows.

I read.

I listen to music.

I cook.

I check Facebook.

I check Instagram.

I’ve done everything BUT write.

I want to change that. I desperately need to change that.

I know there are a bunch of productivity tools that I can use to help me with my procrastination…I tell myself I’ll look into them tomorrow…

If I’m going to hibernate during the season (and I have) why am I not giving my “passion” a huge ole bear hug.

*Do you have issues with procrastination? If so how have you gotten over it*

Until next time,