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I have always enjoyed getting my nails done.

I’ve gone through all phases of nails: simple mani, silk wrap, acrylic, fiberglass, gel mani, acrylic with gel top coat, dip powder. I went through my airbrush phase, hand design phase. I remember when all I did was French Tips. Whatever trend was going on at the time I tried it.

I would move into a new neighborhood and one of the first things I would look for would be the nail salon.

But for anyone who gets their nails done you know that the most annoying thing is either the wait time to actually get in the chair or the wait time for your nails to dry. My favorite time of year to get my nails done would be summer because once you leave the salon to be so hot outside your nails with dry a lot faster. Winter was obviously a harder time. You had a hat, scarf gloves heavy coat it would be a mission when she got in the chair and then a mission when you were ready to leave. So rather than go through my period when I didn’t do my nails one winter I decided to find a new solution for a hot minute I thought about learning to do my nails myself and if I get stuck with it I probably would’ve been very good if I do say so myself but let’s be honest here I’m lazy and at times I can be a bit OCD about things. If the nails they look great I wasn’t going out of the house with them I would just rip them right off.

So I started searching for press on nails they were popular back in the 80s and 90s when I was first getting into (nails) so I thought let’s see if they’ve me to come back and they have in the most miraculous fantastical way. No, I’m not just talking about the ones you can find at your local drugstore, although those are good too and in a pinch I have and will use those. I remember when I went to Vegas I didn’t like the ones that I had on the sticker design was chipping. I want to the Walgreens and picked up two sets. Then I was good to go for the rest of my trip. But I knew exactly what I wanted in terms of fake nails I wanted them to be thicker than just the average (nails) you can find in drugstores I wanted a variety of shapes. I wanted a multitude of choices in design.

This is where Etsy comes in.

I have been wearing press on, faux nails from Etsy for the past year. They are easy to apply and remove (soaking in a warm water for 10 minutes then gently lifting them from your nails). In my opinion brush on glue works best and gives you more control vs the squeeze glue that usually comes with the set. Some sets you can opt out of receiving the squeeze tube glue.

I am hard on my hands. I’m moving boxes, breaking them apart, moving supplies and typing all the while I have nails. The best part is if you are careful you can re-use the set. Now the nails on Etsy aren’t cheap and the wait time for delivery can take a few weeks depending on where the nail artist is located. I would compare the prices to what it cost to go to an actual nail salon and tip the tech.

Below are some pictures of the nails that I have been enjoying.

Set is from Polished Thirteen

Set is from Nevermore Nails

Do you enjoy getting your nails done? What’s your favorite shape and length? Have you or would you try press on nails?

Let me know 🙂

Until next time,