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When I started looking for a gently used Louis Vuitton MM Agenda I never knew I would fall down the rabbit hole that is preloved items.

Preloved items are items that have been previously owned, basically secondhand stuff. I’ve never given much thought to preloved item other than when wanting luxury high-end products that I couldn’t afford unless I saved for months. Even most of the preloved items were a bit above the price point I wanted to spend. Yet while looking through the site Poshmark I stumbled across two get finds.

MZ Wallace makeup bag


I found this great makeup bag for $25 (original price $55). Some will say that is insane for a small makeup bag. But the pouch is discontinued AND it has D-rings on the side. I am able to use any number of straps that I have and wear it as a crossbody.

My next find was another MZ Wallace beauty.



I LOVE this color. I love the size ( it is HUGE), it has double zippers, two front pockets and one large pocket in the back. Plus there is a strap for when you want to wear as a crossbody. The color is discontinued the style of bag is not. The retail price is $395 and I bought for $195.

Both items came in great to near perfect conditions.

Now Poshmark isn’t just for those looking to buy items. Of course, the people you are buying from are just like yourself. Selling my used items was how I first heard about Poshmark. So far I have made $244 by selling bags that I no longer wanted or used enough to warrant keeping. If I continue to sell items and not buy I will one day make a profit. 🙂

As I continue on my journey to find planner peace I am looking at a few preloved planners (not LV) that have peaked my interest. Perhaps I will do a post once I decide on one.

Besides Poshmark, other sites to check out are TheRealReal , I have a pair of boots and a handbag I’m selling on the site; Fashionphile  is another site where you can buy, sell or trade high-end luxury items.

Has anyone purchased items preloved? What has your experience been like?